I Have Been A Vegetarian for…

March 12, 2013

…12 hours. And only if you don’t count seafood.

I used to own this little retail shop. One day, a new sales rep wandered in, she was very friendly and funny, and I liked her immediately. And then she said, “I’m a vegan.” And I thought, “well, there you have it. I am the worst judge of character since Elin Nordegren. WACKO.” And I bit into my double-meat turkey sandwich from Subway.

Fast forward two years. I’m still friends with this girl, and she’s still a vegan. I’m still a carnivore, and we do just fine. Occasionally, we even split a mediterranean platter at Pita Jungle. I asked her once why she didn’t eat meat, and she said, “I’ll tell you what…you have a lot on your plate right now. When life is closer to normal, ask me again, and I’ll give you a book to read.” I said ok. After all, I’m a reasonable person, and I know that a book of cute cows isn’t going to decrease my desire for a ribeye.

Fast forward again. This past weekend. I land myself in the ER, and win a 2 night stay at St Joe’s Hospital & Spa. This on the tail of the fact that, in the last three years, I’ve had more surgeries than my AARP-registered parents combined. Time for a life change. I text my friend, not because she’s a vegan, but because she’s my friend.

Me: “This hospital incident has motivated me to learn about what I’m eating.”

Vegan: “Read the China Study.”

Me: “Ok.” I was bored silly in the hospital, I would’ve read the IV packaging instructions at this point.

I got home, committed to my dietary change, and downloaded The China Study. I’ve read three chapters. And now I’m a 12-hour vegetarian. I wonder if, after the entire book, I’ll be a wacko vegan. This will not be easy for me. I don’t like vegetables, for one. I can’t cook at all, and my husband is a meat-eating cowboy. But hey, it’ll make for good blogs. And today, I did stop by the vegan coffee shop on the way to work. I think they really liked my leather boots and German SUV.

“Poser,” they thought.

“Wackos,” I retorted in my head.




  1. krispearson88

    So, do we get descriptions with these photos? Once again, you cracked me up. Just sorry you had to be in the hospital!

  2. Glenda

    Hope you’re feeling better. I have a very good friend who is vegan for the past 3 years. When she started she went raw for 6 mos. only fruits n veggies.

  3. Family Three

    1. Upper left was Saturday night dinner. #Gag.
    2. Upper right, the cops posted outside the criminal’s room!
    3. Lower left, my sad, sad arm after the nurse missed all my veins.
    4. Lower right, a photo from inside looking out. It felt like an artsy sanitarium pic.

  4. Eadie Rudder

    Ouch! Hate phlebotomists with bad aim!

  5. ellasilva

    Good luck on your vegetarian transformation. Everything in life starts somewhere, right?

  6. Bigs

    Whole foods makes vegan pizza in the deli/restaurant area.

  7. krispearson88

    Always nice when you have a cops protection……? And holy crap! I thought your arm was just having an allergic reaction to something!

  8. Marci

    b~get better my little vegan momma! So glad you are blogging, I have missed it! xoxo

    • Family Three

      Vegan is a stretch. Let’s start with veggie!

  9. Trudy

    Hey it’s been about two years since you wrote this. How is the transformation going?


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