Blink, blink, blink goes the cursor…

June 1, 2021

I sat down to write. Like an hour ago. So far, I’ve written a jingle about a blinking cursor. That about sums up where we are.

Part of it is I haven’t been on this site for a bit and am legit lost. I feel like Rip Van Winkle except instead of sleeping through a war, I zoned out on some major technical updates. Apparently, I have no idea how to use WordPress anymore. I don’t know what “Divi Builder” is, the title keeps disappearing, and it took me 20 minutes to reset my password.

I’m having flashbacks to that time I taped very, very detailed index card instructions on my grandmother’s new VCR. “Pick up the black plastic rectangle (this is called the tape, Gramma) and push it into the slot until the little flap comes down.” It’s a little too close to home to be on the receiving end of the technological confusion, frankly.

Oh cool, the font just went down 100 sizes. I don’t know why and now I can’t see what I’m typing.

This is going well. Welcome back, me.

Moving on. The other reason I’ve been blogger MIA is I have so much to SAY… but I don’t know, guys. I just don’t know if it’s cool anymore. Jax is 16 tomorrow. Six-effing-teen. Are we still doing this when our kids are teens?

I feel like there is sort of a dearth of writers out there on this age group of teens with disabilities. (Dearth?? OMG I am Rip Van Winkle.) Lots of writing on the young ones – no judgment, I did that for quite a while – but a whole lot less on this teen into adulthood arena. The problems are different, my worries have shifted, the victories are life-changing. There is room for this. It feels important.

But the other hand is a child who isn’t a child anymore. Jax is taller than I am, his voice has lowered, and he has a sprinkling of his acne on his forehead. He’s a full stop teenager.

There’s so much to discuss. And I’d really like to chat it up. I just need to find the balance between mom-honesty and my teenage son’s boundaries. I think I can find it.

I hope so because I just figured out how to change the font size. WINNING.



  1. Mandy Knecht

    I’ve missed gardening/farmer chatting with you! I’m glad you posted this! Happy Birthday, Jax!!

      • Mandy Knecht

        Girl!! That’s so awesome!!! We put in a patch of strawberries this yr, I’m excited to see them next year! I have so missed connecting with you!

  2. Karen

    Hey girl! Good to see your smile. And Wow! 16!??

  3. Billie

    Good to hear from you again, we miss you in the blogosphere.

  4. Jessica

    Glad you’re back! Happy birthday to Jax!

  5. Jen Jones

    Gosh I miss this kid! Happy 16th buddy! Glad to see you writing again because I missed YOU too! Hope y’all are well!

  6. Janet

    I get it. My dude is 18. He will walk with his graduation class this Saturday. He will probably have 1 more year of high school. Cancer and COVID has put me way behind on his transition to adulthood. So this summer I will be looking at all of the various “programs” he can become a part of. I don’t really want him in an adult day program. And then there is the issue where some programs are only from 9 to 3 — how can a parent work?!

    Miss your blogs. But there is a big issue with respecting his privacy. Seems like you need to talk with Jax about what he is will to share about his life that would be helpful for others to know.

  7. Robin

    Happy Birthday to Jax, and happy figuring out how to write (or not) once you have a teenager…and how the heck to wrangle with WordPress. My kid turned 21 and I’m still waffling over how much to write, but if I don’t write, I can’t figure this parenting stuff out. I’ve given up on WordPress because their “editor” became impossible, so more power to you if you can figure THAT out. Congrats on staying off social media, still a goal of mine, too. You’re not missing anything – but we are missing you!

    • Rebecca Masterson

      That’s how I feel!! If I don’t write it, I don’t have perspective! You get it. Has Facebook become more reasonable yet?!

  8. Louise Hedgecock

    Missed your updates. Happy 16th birthday Jax.

  9. Julie

    It’s so wonderful to see 🤷‍♀️ you writing again. I always appreciated your blogs as my fellas are the same age as Jax. Though they are nonverbal level three (whatever that means anymore 🤪) there was still much I could relate to as far as the mom feels you’d share. I do hope you find that balance and continue writing. Who knows maybe it’s not Jax’s story anymore. Maybe it’s your turn. Anyway, glad to read your blog again and happy belated birthday Jax.

  10. Xo F

    Happy Birthday Jax! How does the 16 year old feel about it?


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