So Becca, who are you? 

(I mean, are you even a real blogger if you don’t have a picture of yourself turned into a sketched piece of pixelated nonsense?)

Bios are so lamely awkward. Let’s be quick about this.

Rebecca Masterson, age 7, set out to be a writer. But when Highlights for Children didn’t publish her poem about a forest, Becca lost no time in penning a follow-up explaining why the magazine made a grave error. To this, she received a reply and some free stickers. Right then and there, she decided to be a lawyer. Stickers, people. You get it.

In addition to legal stuff, Becca has two boys, both adopted. Jax, now a teenager, was adopted from China, and Johnny, now a young adult, was adopted from foster care at age seventeen.

She used to spend a lot of time writing about these two kids, but the damndest thing happened – they grew up. In her head, this is sort of Sincerely Becca Part II, the “OMG I’m middle-aged” sequel.

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