If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Adoption blogs are like WebMD – if you want to sleep at night, be very careful with your search terms. If you want to read about families with perfectly-adjusted adopted children heading to MIT and Julliard, google “China doll, joy, blessed, adoption, America.” Add in #ILoveMyLife and #ItsASmallWorld for good measure…. Continue reading »

In Search of a Comfortable Barcalounger

I have been putting this post off for weeks. I’ve told myself that I have writer’s block, that I’m too busy, that life, you guys. Really, I am just hiding out. From myself and from you and from this blinking cursor who knows that I won’t write another thing until… Continue reading »

Hey Kath in Tomball, TX – Enjoy Your 15 Minutes, Girl.

Dear Kathleen Smith from Tomball, Texas, I watched your video. You know, the one where you suggest a mother beat her screaming child in a grocery store? The one where you wanted to attack a stranger’s kid with a wooden spoon? The one where your parental advice was to “kill it?”… Continue reading »

My Slightly Cracked Game Face

Happy 4th, my lovely readers. Happy 4th. We are braving the great big typical world this weekend with a staycation at a local resort.  There will be swim-up movies, a water balloon toss, t-shirt decorating, hoola hoop contests – this sounds like kid heaven. My son is going to love this. And… Continue reading »