No License For You.

Johnny’s doing really well. A few small hiccups, but hey, he’s a teen boy. Other than my house smelling like a locker room, it’s been pretty smooth sailing over here. He’s here as a kinship foster placement right now. We aren’t related, but because I have a significant relationship to… Continue reading »

“Reasonable Arizonan” Is Not an Oxymoron. (Please let us prove it before you boycott.)

Dear 49 Other States, Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I live in Arizona. WAIT! Don’t leave! Seriously. Ok guys, please stop throwing rotten tomatoes at my blog head. I am reasonable.  No, really, I am. Stop laughing. (Sigh.) We are not all gun-slinging, hate-spewing, immigrant-bashing, religion-twisting people who support government-sanctioned discrimination…. Continue reading »