Always Put the Good Stuff First.

New school year, new teacher, new parents meeting. “Tell me what I should know about your son,” asked his new teacher. I started in. Crazy energy, impulsive behavior, he can talk for 12 hours straight without taking a breath, has a tough time sitting still… Ay. You see what I did? In… Continue reading »

My Slightly Cracked Game Face

Happy 4th, my lovely readers. Happy 4th. We are braving the great big typical world this weekend with a staycation at a local resort.  There will be swim-up movies, a water balloon toss, t-shirt decorating, hoola hoop contests – this sounds like kid heaven. My son is going to love this. And… Continue reading »

My “What Not to Say” list is really, really short.

I see these lists all the time.  WHAT NOT TO SAY…to an Adoptive Parent, to an Autism Mom, to Kids with Scars, to People Wearing Blue Shirts. (Are you a smurf? I kid, I kid, but I kinda sorta feel we’re one HuffPost piece away from this.) I have a Chinese… Continue reading »