So Becca, who are you? 

(I mean, are you even a real blogger if you don’t have a picture of yourself turned into a sketch or a piece of pixelated nonsense?)

Bios are so lamely awkward. Let’s be quick about this.

Rebecca Masterson won an essay contest in grade school and set out to be a writer. But when Highlights for Children didn’t publish her poem about a forest, Becca lost no time in caving to the rejection and, right then and there, decided to be a lawyer.

As Chief Counsel of Gen Justice, Becca does not sue magazines for kids, but instead, comes up with ideas to fix the foster care system and getting laws passed to help kids. It’s a dream job, really.

Becca has two boys, both adopted. Jax, now a teenager, was adopted from China, and Johnny, now a young adult, was adopted from foster care at age seventeen.

She used to spend a lot of time writing about these two kids, but the damndest thing happened – they grew up. In her head, this is sort of Sincerely Becca Part II, the “OMG I’m middle-aged” sequel.

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