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Well, hello. Thanks for coming. I mean it. I don’t know how you found me (actually, I probably do, thanks to WordPress stats), but I’m happy you’re here.

(This page is called “ABOUT ME” so I feel sort of obligated to pen a bio. Feel free to skip to the end, I probably would.)

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By education, I’m a lawyer.  I did that for a while, not so much anymore, but I’ll admit, I sometimes stand in front of my mirror and sassily announce, “Your Honor! We ALL know the truth here!” I whip my head over to my perfume bottle jury and offer a head nod and a knowing look.  We all know that a good, practiced head nod and knowing look to the jury is how you win a case.

In 2008, I adopted a whirling-dervish-hilariously-energetic-tornado of a child from China, and I became intimately familiar with the special education process. I’m a sometimes-girl-of-action so I started Arizona IEP and I now help parents with their special ed issues and offer workshops and trainings. I love it. I love teaching parents how to help their kids. I love it so much that this year, 2017, I’m launching webinars. Webinars!! You’re not here with me right now to see me, but my enthusiasm is I-can’t-stop-talking-with-my-hands palpable. Interested? Subscribe.

I have an Etsy shop. Honestly, who doesn’t have an Etsy shop. I print words on tea towels and tank tops and tote bags and what-have-you.  It’s a sarcastic and punny and a little bit silly. If you’ve read this far, I think you’d probably like it.  Sincerely Becca on Etsy.

And, finally, I write. Mostly, I do that one page over on my blog, but my words have found their way to places like Huffington Post and Scary Mommy and even in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. It’s good for my ego.

Questions? Comments? I’ll take them.

Email: Hello (at) SincerelyBecca (dot) com
(apparently, writing your email address out like a 19th century schoolmarm might have done keeps the spammers away.)

Thanks for visiting.


4 thoughts on “Rebecca Masterson

  1. As an old high school classmate, I’m so glad I landed on your blog – Very inspiring and so happy to read about what you are doing now! keep writing, you are great at it!

  2. Hola, mi nombre es Mery Blanco, soy venezolana y creo q la sigo por word express ,por lo que usted manifiesta y escribe veo que es una persona muy sensible y con vocacion a darle un valor agregado a esta sociedad tan cambiante en la que hoy vivimos, me alegra saber que estos medios nos acerquen a pesar de la distancia geografica que nos separa, en relacion a mi, tendria que decir que la espiritualidad y la humanidad estan para mi en primer lugar, estoy convencida que la vida es extremadamente corta, que debemos vivir dia a dia y comenzar a vivir cada mañana al abrir nuestros ojos y ver la luz del dia, tengo un trabajo modesto una vida modesta tambien, no tengo hijos, no esroy casada, pero aun asi tengo una vida maravillosa, no estoy sola , no me siento sola,disfruto cada dia de mis sobrinos que viven conmigo y familiares cercanos,cada vez que salgo de casa lo quiero es terminar lo que eatoy haciendo para volver lo mas pronto a ella, me gusta la musica, me gustan los lugares al aire libre,la playa,ver un buena pelicula y leer un poco. En relacion a su blog me parece maravilloso y usted un ejemplo a seguir, ojala! existieran mas BECCA en el mundo, con su solidaridad , humanidad , amor y entrega al projimo, Feliz Dia! hasta pronto, Dios la Bendiga.

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